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Tissue Culture

How We Got Started

Tissue culture is the growth of tissues or cells in an artificial medium free from diseases. This is typically facilitated via use of a growth media such as agar. The application of tissue technology enables the farmers the production of a uniform and high yielding crops that is also free from diseases. The technology is widely used for the production of a clean banana seedlings.

Tissue Culture Technology

Filsan Tissue Culture lab is in the process of revitalizing the banana production in Somalia through the introduction of tissue Culture technology. Banana seedlings established through tissue culture have more faster growth, vigorous start, have a shorter and more uniform production cycle, and produces disease free and higher yield than conventional plants.

The interest of banana trade from Turkey, Qatar and Middle Eastern countries is growing. In recent years, small shipments carrying Somali bananas have reached various destinations, including Turkey and the Middle East. This is expected to increase as the banana producers are working hard to produce superior banana suitable for export markets.

Need for Improvement

At present farmers use suckers from old fields that are heavily infected with soil-born diseases. About 30% of the planted suckers is lost due to poor emergence and the rest evolve into non-uniform plants, thus resulting in poor yield and poor economic return to banana growers

Solutions and Opportunties


The introduction of improved and high-yielding tissue culture seedlings/varities that meet customer’s’ preference.



The adoption of International quality assurance standards such as global GAP, EU MRL, and Food Safety Regulations.


Strengthening of the Banana Producers Association and linking them to the various players in the value chain..

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