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New Technologies

Adeegsiga tiknoolojiyadda waxay aasaas u yihiin horumarinta sugnaanta cuntada

Siman Hybrid Maize

Waa abuur tayo leh. nuuc cusub oo galley (Hybrid) oo awood u leh iney beeraleydu ka helaan 24% in ka badan wax-soo saarka galleyda hadda ay beertaan.

Tissue Cultured Banana

Adeegsiga tikniyoolajiyadda Tissue Culture ayaa u saamaxaysa beeraleyda inay soo saaraan dalagyo isku mid ah, tayo leh oo sidoo kale ka madax bannaan cudurro.

Research &Analysis

Our primary mission is to produce and market quality seed of superior varieties to Somali farmers. We also engage in other sectors of the agriculture value chain that include input supply, tissue culture, soil and water analysis, seed testing for germination and purity and farm mechanization.

Seed Testing

We test seeds for germination, physical purity, seed pathology, seed health, and viability to local conditions. Click to submit your seed test request form. 

Soil Analysis

We test soil nutrients such as levels of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium which are essentials for plant growth and crop yield.  

Water Analysis

We test the water to determine the quality for irrigation, alkalinity, soluble salts, and advice the choice of fertilizers for optimum growth. 

Seed production & packaging

Filsan intends to scale up the seed production activity and expand the marketing of quality seed to farmers throughout the country. Currently, The seeds produced and packaged by Filsan include the following: Maize, Sorghum, Cowpea, MungBean, Sesame, Tomato, Onion, Sweet pepper, Hot pepper, Carrot, Watermelon, Lettuce, and Swiss chard. 

Agricultural Equipment

Filsan Somalia has been issued Exclusive Seedburo Equipment Company Agent Representative status (jointly by Dennis Thompson LLC and Seedburo Equipment Company) for Somalia, Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda and post US embargo in South Sudan. The company has also been issued general representation rights throughout the region. Filsan Somalia looks forward to supporting the commercial, regulatory, academic, developmental and aid provider needs via the offering of the high quality Seedburo product line under ethical business practices within East Africa.

We are using Tissue Culture technology

What is tissue Culture?

Tissue culture is the production of new plants from a small piece of plant tissue or cell that is grown in an artificial medium for the regeneration of shoots and roots.

Why tissue culture?

The application of tissue culture technology enables the farmers the production of  uniform and high yielding crops that are also free from diseases. The technology is widely used for the production of clean banana seedlings.

The tissue culture lab located at K11 is intended to revitalize the banana industry. Banana seedlings established through tissue culture have faster growth, vigorous start, uniform production cycle. The seedling for planting are 100 % disease free.  

How does it benefit the farming industry?

There is a growing interest to revive the banana industry. In recent years, small shipments carrying Somali bananas have reached various destinations, including Turkey and the Middle East. This is expected to increase as the banana producers are working hard to produce superior banana suitable for export markets.

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Agriculture Training

Filsan, in partnership with the Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG), has actively demonstrated various need-based technologies in agriculture and has been credited with many landmark achievements in seed system developments and related policy implications. SATG’s Agri-business Incubation Centre (ABIC) in Afgoi, 30 km from Mogadishu, is a model research and demonstration site for many enthusiastic farmers and entrepreneurs interested in agricultural development..

Latest News

Stay tuned for our latest news in the farming community and general agri-business trends in East Africa. 

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