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Producing & Marketing Superior Seeds

Our vision is to lead the Somali agricultural sector in providing appropriate and affordable seed alongside complementary technologies in support of farming as a business.

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Seed Production

Production and sale of quality seed of superior varieties that meet farmer demands. Crops include maize, sorghum, cowpea, mungbean, and sesame

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Farm Machinery

To develop the agriculture sector, the introduction of appropriate and affordable farm machinery for land preparation, planting, fertilizer application, harvesting, and proper crop storage is important.

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Tissue Culture

Banana seedlings established through tissue culture have faster growth, vigorous start, have a shorter and more uniform production cycle, and produce disease-free and higher yield than conventional plants.

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Farm Inputs

Studies conducted by SATG reveal that Somali soils are generally low in phosphorous and nitrogen and high in pH. Diammonium phosphate and Urea are widely used to address these identified soil nutrient deficiencies.

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Soil Analysis

Our soil analysis service allows farmers to make informed decisions on soil-fertility interventions. It is the first time such technology has been introduced since 1990.

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One of Filsan’s main objectives is to disseminate knowledge at the grassroots level. A considerable amount of knowledge specific to Somali agriculture has been lost because of the prolonged war. 

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Soil Analysis & Seed Testing

Filsan provides a soil analysis service that helps farmers make an informed decision on soil-fertility interventions. Our seed testing facility tests for germination, purity, and moisture content prior to the sale. 

Over 400 Farm Members

Filsan, in partnership with the Somali Agriculture Technical Group (SATG), has actively demonstrated various need-based technologies in agriculture and has been credited with many landmark achievements in seed system developments and related policy implications. SATG’s Agri-business Incubation Centre (ABIC) in Afgoi, 30 km from Mogadishu, is a model research and demonstration site for many enthusiastic farmers and entrepreneurs interested in agricultural development.

Field Demonstration

High-quality seeds have demonstrated to the farmers in Maanyafuulka and Gerbada of the Bay region, new improved seed varieties.

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