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Dual Chute & Seed Totalizers

The Seedburo 901 dual chute and totalizer seed counters models have all of the same technology as the new 901 Carousel Seed Counter; with a touch panel display, fiber optic counting module and updated communication capabilities.

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The 901 can count seeds as small as 1mm and as large as 18mm. The 901 has two USB ports to connect a paper printer or barcode label printer. You can also interface with a USB bar code scanner. The unit has Wi-Fi, and wired Ethernet to pass data to a computer or to monitor counting data remotely. The 901 can be programmed to count to a programmed value and stop or a total count. You can also program the number of bags and the count for each bag with a product ID and lot code for 100 different seeds variety.

The standard 901 has two operating modes, the total count of a lot and a Batch count of a lot. You can program the 901 to count a set amount into one bag from 1-999,999. The accuracy is ±1 at 1000 or .1%. The 901 dual chute model is also equipped with a bag detection sensor so you do not spill precious seed. The 901 totalizer seed counter is essentially a batch totalizer, but there are three operating modes which may be selected for the 901 dual chute model. Net wt: 45 lbs., Actual dims: 16.1" (L) x 15.6" (W) x 16" (H), Ship wt: 50 lbs., Ship dims: 18" (L) x 18" (L) x 16" (H).

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Weight 22.6 kg
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